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    Wednesday, September 29, 2004

    Vaccine Shortages: There is a vaccine against the pneumococcus bacteria, a bacteria that causes pneumonia and occasionally meningitis, that has been in short supply for some time. Wyeth, the maker of the vaccine says that the shortage is over. Last week, I was at a conference on infectious disease in which one of the speakers arched his eyebrows at us and insinuated we'd better be vaccinating kids now or we might get sued. And the CDC has been busy notifying the media that children should start getting the shots again:

    There have been on- and off-again shortages of Prevnar, but the maker, Wyeth, has returned to full production, the CDC and other health groups said.

    That means small children can return to the recommended four-dose schedule, the Atlanta-based CDC said.

    'The manufacturer has assured CDC that PCV7 (Prevnar) supplies are now adequate and health-care providers should return to the full schedule,' Dr. Steve Cochi, acting director of the CDC's National Immunization Program, said in a statement.

    I've been trying to buy the vaccine since July when the company first announced that its supply problems were improving, but I've had no luck. My most recent attempt was three days ago. The medical supply companies I use can't seem to get their hands on it. I tried contacting Wyeth myself to order it without the middle man - still no luck. I was told the vaccine was on "allotment," and they couldn't tell me when it would be available. They haven't been forthcoming in explaining why I can't buy the vaccine, but according to this document, they aren't selling it to distributors - which is odd, since that's how most doctors get their medical supplies. Even the military can't get it. Once again, there's a vast disconnect between the CDC's public statements and reality. I hope they've got a better handle on the supply of vaccines against bioterror agents.

    UPDATE: A reader:

    Weird that you can't get any -- my son just got his 4th shot on the
    23rd. I hope you get some soon -- I don't hink my 18 month old needs
    it nearly as much as the newborns out there!

    Yes. Vaccine supply is oddly managed. I've been in touch with colleagues who say they haven't had trouble getting vaccine at all, even when it was in short supply. I was able to meet with a Wyeth rep today who's making arrangements for me to buy some vaccine. Turns out you can only buy the vaccine from the manufacturer, and you have to special account to do it. They've been supplying their established costumers with rationed amounts of vaccine, depending on their needs, and are just ramping up supply enough now to meet the needs of new customers. Unlike most vaccines, you can't buy it from medical supply distributors. (It would be nice if the medical supply companies would let their customers know that instead of just saying it's on "back order" for ever.)

    But what this means is that some young infants, who need the vaccine the most, are going without the vaccine because their doctors are waiting for supplies to catch up, while other (older) children, are getting less critical booster shots. It's enough to make one long for some sort coordinated oversight of vaccine distribution.

    posted by Sydney on 9/29/2004 08:05:00 AM 0 comments


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