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    Tuesday, November 02, 2004

    The County Election, George Caleb Bingham, 1851

    Election Day Grand Rounds

    Welcome to Election Day 2004 Grand Rounds, a round-up of medically related posts from around the blogosphere. Are you still among the undecided, looking for info on stem cells and healthcare? We've got posts for you. Trying to escape the frenzied election day coverage of the political blogs and mainstream media? We've got posts for you. Just pour yourself a cup of coffee and surf away your election day anxieties.

    For the Undecided: Craig Westover points out that neither candidate understands the flu vaccine problem. Dr. Bradley takes a look at the stem cell debate.

    Matthew Holt says that when it comes to healthcare, ours is the worst in the Anglosphere. To which Backcountry Conservative might respond, " Then why are nurses leaving the UK for the US?" And cardiac intensive care nurse Alwin Hawkins answers similar quality criticisms.

    But while many worry that John Kerry's healthcare plan will lead to government-run healthcare, Trent McBride argues that we already have government-run healthcare.

    Finally, consider this. Twenty years from now will you remember why you voted as you did, much less who you voted for?

    Sleepless Nights: Worrying about the election (and waiting for the results) will surely keep many awake tonight. Let's hope the doctors get a good night's sleep, for as the New England Journal of Medicine pointed out last week, we don't work well when sleepy. It may be hard to believe, but many doctors take exception to that assertion. Is our resistance to sleep due to a deeply ingrained medical culture, or is it essential to a good medical education? (Although, sometimes things never go right, no matter how much you sleep.) Chris Rangel has more. Oh, well, it may all be rendered moot in the future, as Dr. B reminds us, thanks to pharmacological mind enhancement.

    How to Survive Your Doctor: Grunt Doc provides a guide to ER etiquette, while Random Reality provides a guide to 911 etiquette (or 999 in the UK). Nurse Geena warns against mixing friendship with medicine, and Dr. Alice explains why prescription phone-in requests are loathesome.

    Suffer the Children: Caring for children is fraught with its own special anxieties. No matter what the age, there are really two patients - the parent and the child - to consider. For example, treating maternal depression may adversely effect a newborn baby, as Shrinkette notes. Dr. Baker reflects on the blame game inherent in treating teenagers, and their parents. Dr. Winters relates a recent personal experience with the blame game.

    Pathology: Medical student Graham is overwhelmed by pathological knowledge. Dr. Charles notes a novel use of 911. Far from Perfect tells of a personal close call with Group B streptococcus and a thumb amputation at sea. Top of My Head tells the clinical story of a testicular lump.

    Kevin MD provides a guide to screening for heart disease. The conclusion? Scans like this, aren't useful. (via The Eyes Have It)

    Interested Participant has the skinny on the extreme dieter who had to lose weight to qualify for gastric by-pass surgery.

    How 'Bout Those Bosox? CodeBlueBlog analyzes the death by pepper ball of a Boston fan, and Jacob Reider has posted the Schilling tendon procedure - illustrated!

    Food for Thought: The Cheerful Oncologist's autumnal reflections.

    How to interpret a Dean's letter (or any other letter of recommendation.)

    Goethe's skeletal sorrows and David's backside.

    The latest in stethoscope technology - the iSteth.

    UPDATE: I inadvertently pasted the wrong link in the "Sleepless Nights" section twice. The second link should take you to this post. My apologies to all involved.

    Next week's Grand Rounds will be hosted by Grunt Doc.
    Previous Grand Rounds are archived here.
    Grand Rounds is the brainchild of Nick at Blogborygmi. If you would like to host future Grand Rounds, drop him a line.

    posted by Sydney on 11/02/2004 06:00:00 AM 0 comments


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