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    Tuesday, March 21, 2006

    Tap Therapy: The hit yourself upside the head approach to emotional well being:

    Whether she's stuck in a traffic jam or feeling jitters before a big presentation, Holly Timberlake has found a way to tap into an inner sense of calm, focused energy.

    In those situations, the holistic psychologist from Stow simply taps on strategic acupuncture points on her head, hands and chest while saying words of affirmation -- sometimes aloud, other times just to herself.

    Within minutes, she said, the method works.

    ``I end up feeling more relaxed,'' said Timberlake, president of Nakaia Wellness Center and Holistic Psychological Center in Stow. ``Then I'm free to focus on what I need to focus on. I feel brighter. I feel more energized.''

    Not only does she use the technique herself, Timberlake has been integrating the alternative therapy, known as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, into her practice since 1999.

    Those who embrace the concept say tapping helps clear negative emotions that disrupt or block people's energy systems.

    How's it work? Mostly by getting you to confront your worries, it seems:

    In EFT, tapping sessions begin with participants identifying the issue they want to overcome.

    Participants rub a spot on their chest known as the ``sore spot'' while saying, ``Even though I have this issue (name the issue), I completely love and accept myself.''

    Then they tap on the meridian points, starting at the top of their head and working their way down and to the hands. At one point in the session, they follow a series of eye movements and then hum a familiar song, such as Happy Birthday, while tapping a spot between their ring finger and pinky.

    During the first round of tapping, they say the issue they're trying to overcome. (Someone who is afraid of losing his job, for example, might say, ``Fear of losing my job.'')

    In subsequent rounds, they say statements of affirmation. (``I am a sea of calm and tranquility,'' for instance.)

    ``There's not anything you couldn't work with and, I think, help,'' Timberlake said. ``The only time I found these methods not to work is when people say, `I don't want to change.' '

    Just about any behavior technique can work when your dealing with emotional issues. Sometimes even just counting to ten. According to the article, executives from one of the local hospitals were taught the technique recently, so if you see the CEO of the hospital walking around hitting himself in the head, don't worry. He just be stressed.

    posted by Sydney on 3/21/2006 08:32:00 AM 1 comments


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