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    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    Information Improvement: Enoch Choi is helping Google improve healthcare searches - for his patients and for anyone else interested.

    posted by Sydney on 5/11/2006 09:34:00 AM 1 comments



    Hope we're not intruding here, but we wanted to take a moment to update you on Health Site Guide, the first “pre-searched” vertical search engine for healthcare. A story on the site appears below, and we invite you to take a “walk-through” with us by phone, at your convenience.

    Bob Lipp
    Health Site Guide

    Health Site Guide Search Engine Attracts Many New Users

    Featuring pre-searched, direct links to information on dozens of healthcare websites, Health Site Guide http://www.healthsiteguide.com, provides fast access to a growing user base.

    What started as a way to access relevant healthcare information without all the searching, has become in its second month, an ideal resource for the growing number of people who visit the web with health questions. Health Site Guide, http://www.healthsiteguide.com, a free portal, also known by today’s parlance as a “vertical search engine,” features select healthcare websites that have been reviewed by medical and science writers and searched for the wide range of information and special features (videos, animation, and much more). Direct links have then been created for fast, easy access to hundreds of healthcare concerns, in addition to graphics on the home page that take users into medical encyclopedias, drug information, today’s news by topic, and other features including a Health Spotlight currently on colon cancer screening.

    The Internet is an invaluable tool for individuals who have a healthcare concern,” states Bob Lipp, co-creator of Health Site Guide. “But many people who search do so with a degree of anxiety and shouldn’t have to analyze pages and pages of results to find the information they seek. That’s counter-productive, especially when searching for healthcare information.”

    In its first month, Health Site Guide has attracted the interest of pharmaceutical giants like Merck, who requested that their award-winning site be added to the free portal. Other viewers have included leading healthcare organizations, and major businesses, but Lipp is just as happy knowing that a concerned individual living in Lincoln, Nebraska now has a resource that can address a health concern fast, easy and thoroughly.

    “Health Site Guide is, and will remain free. In fact no membership is required to use the majority of the portal, and areas that do require membership, such as Today’s Health News (by topic) require no personal information, “states Lipp. “Simply make up a nickname, provide any password, and give us your email address, so we can have you verify membership. That’s it. We’re not concerned with why someone visits the site, but happy in the realization that we’re serving the public’s need to know.”

    The Health Spotlight feature, recently added to the site, goes a step further in encouraging viewers to find out more about steps they should take to protect their health. By visiting http://www.healthsiteguide.com), and clicking on the graphic entitled “Health Spotlight: Colon Cancer Screening,” visitors can access a variety of healthcare sites with direct links to the page on colon cancer screening. General information, videos, 3D animation, comments from medical doctors, leading societies and colon care organizations are all represented on the spotlight page. The information is extensive, and Lipp believes that those of screening age who have not made their appointment should study the information being presented.

    “We at Health Site Guide understand that getting screened for colon cancer can be a cause of great anxiety,” Lipp states. “Hopefully this spotlight will help individuals along in making this important decision. Other spotlights will follow.”

    Health Site Guide also encourages health care providers and related organizations to suggest new features for the portal and provide a link to the site, so their viewers can take full advantage of the enormous amount of information available. Links are provided as pop-ups, so viewers can access Health Site Guide without leaving their current site.

    About Health Site Guide
    http://www.healthsiteguide.com is owned by Health Site Guide Inc. The site is a portal that makes it fast and easy to access a broad range of healthcare information and special features, which are available on today’s healthcare websites. The company is not affiliated with any third party.

    By Anonymous Bob Lipp, at 3:12 PM  

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