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    Friday, May 25, 2007

    Consequences: Sounds like this guy was asking for trouble:

    One complaint led to another in which a 9-year-old boy made some scandalous allegations to sheriff's detectives. The boy said Corsi had a secret club inside the center to entertain children with videos, candy and a coin-operated vibrating bed.

    Corsi would also have the boy climb into a ceiling crawl space with "Mr. Dave's" camera and videotape little girls changing their clothes. Sometimes Mr. Dave would store the videos under the bed and sometimes he'd take the tapes to his Malvern home, the boy said.

    The allegations brought sheriff's Detectives Linda Rinear, Larry Limbert and others to the day-care center in May 2002. They were armed with a search warrant.

    In court records, the detectives accused Corsi of invading the privacy of minor children "for the purpose of sexually arousing or gratifying himself" by photographing minor children in a state of nudity. He was also accused of allowing, coercing or enticing a child to be photographed "in a sexually oriented matter."

    They left with Corsi's 9mm pistol, a 12-inch knife, a computer, some videos, a leather whip, nude photos of women, a video camera, a computer and computer disks.

    Accusations may be false, but those items aren't the types of things most parents would want at their children's day care center. And at the time of his arrest, those items were widely reported in the local news. But now we get the rest of the story:

    The ceiling the boy said he crawled through with Corsi's camera turned out to be a foam drop ceiling that couldn't support the weight of a puppy. Besides, a firewall blocked access to the bathroom where the photos were supposedly shot.

    In fact, there were no pictures of children. No vibrating bed. No secret club. The adult photos were a Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar or thumbnails that came through spam e-mails. The gun and knife were separated from the children through two locked doors. The whip was actually a child's toy used as an Indiana Jones prop.

    Too late for him. He lost his business and his reputation.

    We like to think that as a society we've evolved beyond the days when people accused their neighbors of being witches. The triumph of reason over religion and all that. But we're no better than we were 400 years ago, it's only the accusations that have changed. Consider that this man's torment began with a complaint from a parent who owed the daycare center thousands of dollars, then read Entertaining Satan which details the personal grievances and grudges behind the New England witch hunts.

    Sex is our witchcraft.

    posted by Sydney on 5/25/2007 07:59:00 AM 0 comments


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