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    Sunday, July 01, 2007

    Mac Doctors: Here's a website devoted to Macintosh-using doctors. Personally, I love Macs. My oldest laptop is a Macintosh from c.2000. That's what I use for the majority of my blogging. It's been a workhorse that's outlived my Dell and Sony laptops that I use in the office. So why don't I use Mac in the office? I have concerns about compatibility with software, which is always designed to work only with Mac. I've thought of making the switch now that they are supposedly able to run both Windows and MAC systems. I remain wary, however. In the office setting, I need as close to 100% perfection as possible, and I've had too much trouble in the past with supposedly dual-using systems.

    Most notably, before I owned a Windows machine, I had a great deal of diffuclty updating my Epocrates database on my Palm via the MAC. It was supposed to be compatible, but the company obviously spent most of its efforts on the Windows version. It was always a very slow process (15-30 minutes sometimes) to do updates with the MAC version. The Windows version, on the other hand, updates within a few minutes.

    The other concern is, now that Apple is concentrating mostly on its iPod/iPhone line, are their laptops still of the same high quality and endurance that they were seven years ago?

    posted by Sydney on 7/01/2007 01:20:00 PM 2 comments


    I am using a 4 y old Powerbook and it has lasted well. It is still to early to say whether MacBook Pros will last as well, although those I know who have them are more than satisfied with dual OS function (scientists not MDs). But I think it will really depend on the program. On the other hand, will your transition to Vista be painless?

    As to Epocrates- with OSX (10.4) I have not had extremely long update times, minutes maybe. I never tried updating on my work PC, so I have no comparison.

    By Anonymous S.Clark, at 1:25 AM  

    All hospital access here is through Citrix, and the client works just perfectly on the Mac. However the local guys seem to delight in revamping the signon procedure with their own scripts on a regular basis and they all dont recognize the Mac at all trying to give you error messages and use a non-working java client. But once you figure out how to get past that citrix works perfectly.

    Epocrates always takes 2 syncs for us on the Mac. The first one says it completed but gives you an error on the palm, the second one completes and then it works. Go figure... But it does work if you're willing to do it twice. It could be changed to be an online service that could be accessed from the iPhone, just like UpToDate can also be accessed from the iPhone. But more is necessary before it can fully replace the palm. I have no doubt that more is coming, I await with anticipation :D

    By Anonymous PlanetaryGear, at 3:32 PM  

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