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    Sunday, August 19, 2007

    Perspective: John Edwards, champion litigator, on his prior job:

    At each stop, he let out the same battle cry: a populist attack on big oil, big pharmaceutical companies, big insurance companies and corporate lobbyists in Washington. These he described as being “powerful insiders” that had “rigged the system” against the ordinary working man, leaving him poorer, degrading the environment and blocking access to affordable health care.

    “I’ve been fighting these people all my entire life,” said Mr. Edwards, holding forth at Cronk’s Restaurant in Denison. “I fought them in the courtroom, and I’ve beat them and beat them...."

    You often hear lawyers describe their job this way. They aren't suing doctors and small business owners or citizens unfortunate enough to have had an auto accident. They're suing insurance companies. But, I can assure you, it isn't the insurance company that sits in a court of law accused of malfeasance.

    I know a woman who sued her best friend after they were in a car accident in which the friend was the driver. To this day she can't understand why her friend is her ex-friend. Her lawyers told her she wasn't suing her friend; she was suing her friend's insurance company. Her friend, understandably, failed to see that distinction. It wasn't the insurance company that drove that car and made whatever driving mistake it is the lawyers accused her of to cause the accident. And it wasn't the insurance company whose name was on the court summons. And it certainly wasn't the insurance company that had to defend herself and her driving habits in court.

    posted by Sydney on 8/19/2007 12:18:00 PM 2 comments


    When has a physician been accused of "malfeasance"?

    And it's interesting that you chastise the friend for failing to understand who she was suing when you don't. The lawyers didn't accuse her of driving in a negligent manner, the plaintiff did. The lawyers aren't the plaintiff.

    Seems like misconceptions on both sides, eh?

    Oh well, maybe you can generate some indignity by talking about how much money Edwards makes!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:29 PM  

    The John Edwards's seem to see bad apples everywhere they look. In reality, doctors are doing a great job for patients every day, yet that part isn't news. We only hear the bad stuff, and that probably isn't representative of what's really going on.

    I started an online rating site, www.DrScore.com, where patients can rate their doctor and look up doctor ratings. I think making doctors' patient satisfaction scores open to view will give people a good sense of how we doctors are doing. I'm a dermatologist with a rating of 9.0 out of 10, and that puts me in only the BOTTOM 25% of doctors with 20 or more ratings at the site.

    Steve Feldman, MD, PhD

    By Anonymous Steve Feldman, at 12:55 AM  

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